Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just One Thing

(Brought to you by our friend, Robert Middleton, at Action Plan Marketing)

Every Monday I do just one thing in my business to move it forward. That's certainly not everything I do on Mondays, but for the past twelve years I've set this time aside to communicate with my clients.

What difference has this made? It's transformed my business to one that was struggling to meet the rent every month to one that is financially abundant. There has been no recession for Action Plan Marketing. And it's also made me a better career coach and consultant.

When we think of marketing, we think of all the thousands of things we could do. And yes, there are thousands. This is simply overwhelming. The good news is that you don't have to do thousands of things to market yourself. But, you need to do at least one thing religiously every single week (and sometimes every single day). This is what forms the foundation of effective marketing. What is one thing you'd be willing to do every single week, perhaps every single day to market yourself?

Not ten things or even five things; just one thing. Pick just one thing to do weekly in your marketing and make a commitment to do it for a whole year. If you do, I promise you'll transform your marketing and your business.

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